Mudd Club Theme Parties

There were often theme parties at the Mudd Club, Steve Mass and Tina L’Hotsky were the hosts. The flier below announces a military inspired party held on D Day 1979. Costumes were mandatory and if you didn’t have one there were items available in the basement coat-check area. Like all the parties there were also many props, a huge search-light scanned the sky at the front door, and a banner at the bottom of the stairs read “Nuke ’em till they Glow”.  The crowd was all baby-boomers, for whom military uniforms and war references conjure-up a slew of nostalgic and romantic cultural images; Army surplus had been fashionable since the ’60s. This was all in good fun. However, there was a very serious side to the zeitgeist and a few months later on September 23, 1979,  almost 200,000 people attended the nation’s largest antinuclear rally to date. Staged on the then-empty north end of the Battery Park City landfill, the New York City rally was held in conjunction with a series of nightly “No Nukes” concerts given at Madison Square Garden from September 19 through 23 by “Musicians United for Safe Energy”.


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