The Infamous Mudclub

If I had known when I picked up this flier, at the Neue Nationalgalerie in 2005 , that it referred to Steve Mass’s newest venue, I would’ve bought something fun to wear and spent the night clubbing. I don’t know how he got to there, but I bet he’s having a lot of fun. In a 12/10/2006 New York Times article, “36 Hours in Berlin”, Danny Lee wrote, “BERLIN is like New York City in the 1980s. Rents are cheap, graffiti is everywhere and the air crackles with a creativity that comes only from a city in transition. And few cities are changing as profoundly. Nearly two decades after the Berlin Wall tumbled down, the city’s two sides are still locked in a kind of cultural dialectic, as the center of gravity shifts to the once desolate boroughs of the East. Bullet-scarred buildings are metamorphosing from squatters’ homes, to artists’ studios, and then to retail showrooms. Gray Communist alleys are laboratories for trendy bars, restaurants and galleries. And, like the city itself, Berliners continue to reinvent themselves as cultural vanguards, pushing the boundaries of art, fashion and design. With so much to explore and create, the city never sleeps.” Indeed, from the home of zeitgeist.


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