Lower Manhattan during the 1980’s is my favorite era, hands down. My first apartment was in the West Village in 1977, and through out the 1980’s I lived and worked downtown. I’m an artist and was an active participant in the downtown art scene. In 1979 I got a job working at the Mudd Club and as a consequence I was on the guest-list of every club in the city.

My experiences living in New York took me from Battery Park to the South Bronx, and from West Beth to Alphabet City. This webliography is a product of love — combining my personal experiences, knowledge and love of the period, with my skills as an art librarian and information professional. All of the archives and most of the photographs are from my own collection. “New York City in the ’80s” is a work in progress, and is therefore an evolving project. Please feel free to make suggestions, corrections, comments and the like.

_Linda Psomas, (Polaroid from 1980 in my Chelsea loft)


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  1. Love what you are doing! A lot of my photography and film work was created downtown where I grew up.
    Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    • Thanks Drew. I checked out your photos online, they’re great. Would you mind if I put a couple on the webliography? I’ll list your name of course.

      • Bt all means! I am having a large show in Oct/Nov of the Matinee photographs at the Clic Gallery (clicgallery.com). We have not locked in a date yet so I can’t announce it yet but it should be in the next couple of weeks! Very excited! Your blog and web site are an incredible source of information!

        I’ve been living in LA since ’94 so it’s nice to get my NYC/LES fix!



  2. Greetings from The Original NYC Free Advice Man!

    You may have met me. As I was sometimes ridiculed, misunderstood and maltreated I sometimes gave it back. Otherwise; quite a few people came to know me as a relatively wise and compassionate person.
    So; if you do remember me and not in a positive light; please keep that all in mind.

    What really makes me a Historic part of NYC is The New Yorker write-up about me, by Alec Wilkinson.
    See my website for further details.

    Nice site. Searching for more retro 80s NYC sites.


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